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The Psychology of Advertising

  • Wolfgang Stroebe
  • 03.08.2014

Advertising is a ubiquitous and powerful force, seducing us into buying wanted and sometimes...

Treating Compassion Fatigue

  • Charles R. Figley
  • 22.09.2013

Sometimes called secondary traumatic stress, compassion fatigue describes the traumatic effect and...

Modern Psychotherapies

  • Stanton L. Jones
  • 06.09.2011

First Christians feared and avoided the modern practice of psychotherapy. Then many uncritically...

God Attachment

  • Tim Clinton
  • 14.06.2011

Why has the human race, the world over, been so fascinated with . . . some might say obsessed with...

Social Psychology

  • Douglas T. Kenrick
  • 14.07.2014

Social Psychology: Goals and Interaction explores how social behavior is goal-directed and a result...

Because I Am Human

  • Leo Buscaglia
  • 15.02.2015

Dr. Felice Leonardo Buscaglia Ph.D. was a professor in the Department of Special Education at the...

The Symbolic & the Real

  • Ira Progoff
  • 27.05.2016

The former director of Dialogue House, Dr. Ira Progoff has worked toward a dynamic, humanistic...

The Doctrine of Fascism

  • Benito Mussolini
  • 07.10.2015

This article, co-written by Giovanni Gentile, is considered to be the most complete articulation of...

The Pro-Choice Movement

  • Suzanne Staggenborg
  • 19.03.2013

In this highly-praised analysis of the controversial pro-choice movement, Suzanne Staggenborg...

Comparative Politics

  • Gabriel A. Almond
  • 01.04.2016

Gabriel Abraham AlmondBiographyAlmond was born in Rock Island, Illinois, U.S., the son...


  • Richard M. Nixon
  • 01.04.2011

I love stories about very intelligent people with a fatal flaw. Nixon fits this to a T. I am...

Principles of Psychotherapy

  • Irving B. Weiner
  • 13.07.2015

Within the framework of dynamic personality theory, Principles of Psychotherapy, Second Edition...

A Feminist Tarot

  • Sally Miller Gearhart
  • 26.07.2011

Sally Gearhart and Susan Rennie reveal how the traditional Tarot deck, with all its richness and...

Mapping the West European Left

  • Patrick Camillier
  • 30.09.2016

Organized as a series of tightly linked, comparative assessments, Mapping the West European...

Just Babies

  • Paul Bloom
  • 03.09.2010

A leading cognitive scientist argues that a deep sense of good and evil is bred in the...


  • Paul R. Lawrence
  • 21.06.2011

A touchstone for understanding how we behave on the job "This is a stimulating and provocative...

The Myth of Repressed Memory

  • Elizabeth F. Loftus
  • 07.05.2012

According to many clinical psychologists, when the mind is forced to endure a horrifying...


  • Paul Thagard
  • 23.08.2011

Cognitive science approaches the study of mind and intelligence from an interdisciplinary...

Way of Tarot

  • Alejandro Jodorowsky
  • 29.12.2011

Filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky’s insights into the Tarot as a spiritual path • Works with...

The Democracy Project

  • David Graeber
  • 22.08.2012

A bold rethinking of the most powerful political idea in the world—democracy—as seen through the...

The Conquest of Bread

  • Pyotr Kropotkin
  • 24.05.2013

Well, this was interesting to look over. Especially after my big focus on Chinese authoritarian...

An Introduction to Psychology

  • Wilhelm Wundt
  • 09.03.2012

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now...

It's Still the Economy, Stupid

  • Paul Begala
  • 29.07.2014

When he took office in 2001, George W. Bush inherited the strongest economy in American history. He...

Letters from Jenny

  • Gordon W. Allport
  • 24.08.2013

A collection of letters, long famous among psychologists, written by a mature woman to two remote...

Nelson Mandela

  • Nelson Mandela
  • 06.03.2017

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a former President of South Africa, the first to be elected in a...

The Wilson Plot

  • David Leigh
  • 04.10.2013

It could be the lurid plot of a bestselling thriller... yet in The Wilson Plot leasing...

Helping the Noncompliant Child

  • Robert J. McMahon
  • 14.08.2010

This popular treatment manual presents an empirically validated program for teaching parents to...

The Shining Tribe Tarot

  • Rachel Pollack
  • 01.06.2016

Human beings have practiced the art of divination for millenia. In some cultures, diviners studied...

Man and His Symbols

  • C.G. Jung
  • 01.11.2015

I have a strange love / hate relationship with Jung. There are so many things about him that I...

Forces of Fortune

  • Vali Nasr
  • 21.06.2017

Renowned Middle East expert Vali Nasr's bestselling book The Shia Revival profoundly...

Evolution of Consciousness

  • Robert Evan Ornstein
  • 29.12.2010

In this review I summarized the book under six main topics then I wrote my...

High Risk

  • Ken Magid
  • 11.03.2013

IS YOUR CHILD AT HIGH RISK?  Who are these children...

The Umbrella of US Power

  • Noam Chomsky
  • 26.06.2010

Chomsky observes the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a "Path to a...

Memoirs of an Addicted Brain

  • Marc Lewis
  • 25.07.2014

A gripping, ultimately triumphant memoir that's also the most comprehensive and comprehensible...

Waking the Tiger

  • Peter A. Levine
  • 19.01.2017

Nature's Lessons in Healing Trauma...Waking the Tiger offers a...

Understanding the Presidency

  • James P. Pfiffner
  • 30.09.2016

The selections in this reader were chosen with two aims in mind: (1) to provide a historical...

IQ Testing 101

  • Alan S. Kaufman
  • 04.09.2010

"Alan Kaufman's informal, accessible writing style never sacrifices precision. In ten short...

The Civic Culture

  • Gabriel A. Almond
  • 18.02.2013

Mafia expert Diego Gambetta has chosen to discuss