Top Ganre eBooks

Permanent Record

  • Ted Greenwald
  • 10.09.2016

Stripped down to what sticks, the patterns that emerge from these discreet accretions are as...

My Book of Counting

  • Tiger Tales
  • 09.04.2011

Elephants, pandas and pigs are just a few of the animals toddlers will find throughout this cute...

Hunting Season

  • Beau Taplin
  • 31.05.2016

i. love her wildflower heart; growing in the dark and inhospitable places others can't.ii....

A Legacy of Shadows

  • David Lee
  • 08.06.2016

Bobby Joeif i should die before I wake...I don't know if I...

The Cloud of Knowable Things

  • Elaine Equi
  • 29.04.2012

"Friend to objects, saints and dead celebrities alike, Elaine Equi is the real McCoy: a keeper of...


  • Stacey Teague
  • 13.11.2016

Takahē is a book of poetry about love, auckland, london, birds & generally being a person...

Lives of the Sleepers

  • Ned Balbo
  • 16.06.2015

The two poems of Ned Balbo's that I'd read before picking up this book, "Fire Victim" and "A...

The Real Made Up

  • Stephen Brockwell
  • 01.02.2015

The theme of imitation—a facet of humanity which affects all actions and speech—forms the central...


  • Michelangelo Buonarroti
  • 18.04.2016

???????? ????????????. ???? ????????, ???? ????????, ???? ????????- ?????? ???? ?? ?? ?????? ??...


  • Neil Clark
  • 25.08.2014

Books leap to life with realistic sounds. Easy-to-hold board books packed with superb photography...

Which Pig Would You Choose?

  • Edith Kunhardt
  • 16.08.2010

Will and Maggie do their chores on the farm. Reader is asked which item or taskt hey would chose....

The Parents Guide To Play

  • Wendy S. Masi
  • 14.06.2015

170 Gymboree® activities that help parents discover new ways to play with their babies,...

Sleeping Upside Down

  • Kate Lynn Hibbard
  • 18.08.2012

Poetry. "Kate Lynn Hibbard's SLEEPING UPSIDE DOWN is a beautiful book of poetry, composed in...

Poems by Edward Thomas (1917)

  • Edward Thomas
  • 25.10.2012

This scarce antiquarian book is a selection from Kessinger Publishing's Legacy Reprint Series. Due...

Such Places as Memory

  • John Hejduk
  • 15.07.2017

The poems of John Hejduk are almost nonpoetic: still lives of memory, sites of possessed places....

Kept Women

  • Kate Durbin
  • 04.12.2014

Kept Women is the final chapbook of Los Angeles writer and artist Kate Durbin. It is a poem-tour of...

Kaza Süsü

  • Sunay Akın
  • 10.07.2015

Şükrü Sunay Akın (d. 12 Eylül 1962), şair, yazar, gazeteci,...

The Complete Poems

  • Patrick Kavanagh
  • 31.08.2011

Patrick Kavanagh was an Irish poet and novelist. Regarded as one of the foremost poets of the 20th...

Eerdere Gedichten

  • Willem Jan Otten
  • 10.01.2016

In Eerdere gedichten zijn alle gebundelde gedichten van Willem Jan Otten sinds 1971 bijeengebracht....


  • Tess Gallagher
  • 07.10.2015

Tess Gallagher is the author of eight volumes of poetry, including Dear Ghosts, Moon...

Positive Parenting in Action

  • Laura Ling
  • 30.03.2012

Parenthood is a beautiful journey. We don't have to become adversaries with our children; doing so...

Invisible Reality

  • Juan Ramón Jiménez
  • 05.09.2012

The great Spanish poet Juan Ramon Jimenez, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1956, was a...

No Gender

  • Julian T. Brolaski
  • 13.04.2011

"kari's authorial 'signature' undoes the authorial body in favor of a visible...

Collateral Damage

  • Zygmunt Bauman
  • 01.09.2010

The term 'collateral damage' has recently been added to the vocabulary of military forces to refer...

Day Has No Equal But Night

  • Anne Hébert
  • 14.04.2014

Though the Quebecois Anne Hebert is a distinguished contemporary novelist and poet in French, her...

Collected Fiction

  • Louis Zukofsky
  • 19.03.2012

Best known as one of the most significant poets of the 20th century, Louis Zukofsky was also an...

On the Child

  • D.W. Winnicott
  • 10.06.2015

This delightful book presents a selection of D. W. Winnicott's best writing about children. The...

Horse Crazy!

  • Jessie Haas
  • 12.05.2011

Horse Crazy! is a jam-packed treasure chest of a book that will keep horse-obsessed kids...

Ghost Sickness

  • Luis Alberto Urrea
  • 24.12.2012

Luis Urrea confronts head-on the ghosts and contradictions of his being -- his father, a dark and...

They Feed They Lion

  • Philip Levine
  • 31.03.2015

They Feed They Lion is the first great collection of Levine's, although he had written great poems...

The Judy Grahn Reader

  • Judy Grahn
  • 04.05.2016

This volume contains work from every phase of Judy Grahn's career, including poems...

De mooiste van Heine

  • Heinrich Heine
  • 25.08.2012

Aan de Duitse dichter Heinrich Heine (1797-1856) is de uitspraak toegeschreven: 'Als de wereld...


  • Charles Bukowski
  • 15.12.2010

Tonight is going to be a very dignified ...


  • Charles W. Bamforth
  • 01.07.2012

Charles Bamforth, who has been described as one of the two or three brewing scientists of his...

Sleeping, Sinning, Falling

  • Mutsuo Takahashi
  • 21.01.2017

Sleeping Sinning Falling is a generous volume of selected and new poems, written over the...

Such Rich Hour

  • Cole Swensen
  • 29.05.2013

Covering a variety of subjects from the plague and the first danse macabre to the development of...

An Intimate Wilderness

  • Judith Barrington
  • 13.02.2015

An amazing anthology of poetry and short prose pieces (fiction and non-fiction. Shoulld be a primer...

Classic Haiku

  • Matsuo Bashō
  • 10.11.2011

With the utmost economy and skill, the haiku poet paints a vast mural on a narrow canvas. Working...

Strange Dreams

  • Brian Andreas
  • 08.09.2013

I discovered this book when I went to a little town in Iowa. I thought it was a very interesting...