Top Ganre eBooks

The Image in Form

  • Adrian Stokes
  • 20.02.2012

Over the last 40 years Adrian Stokes has acquired an almost mythical reputation as one of the...

Elizabeth Blackwell

  • Francene Sabin
  • 30.06.2015

Independent Reading: 2nd- 3rd gradeSabin wrote the biography of “Elizabeth Blackwell- The...

Spectrum 3

  • Cathy Burnett
  • 18.04.2017

Over 200 full-color paintings, drawings and sculptures are featured by nearly 150 of the world's...


  • Abraham Marie Hammacher
  • 10.11.2015

138 illus., 48 in full color. Orig. $49.50.

Writing on the Wall

  • Simon Morley
  • 13.02.2013

From the cut-up Cubist collages of Picasso to the monumental filmic narratives of Fiona Banner, and...

The Jumping Tree

  • René Saldaña Jr.
  • 10.06.2017

These lively stories follow Rey Castaneda from sixth through eighth grade in Nuevo Penitas, Texas....

The Truth About Writing

  • Michael Allen
  • 08.10.2010

Most authors who write a book and publish it expect the book to make them an instant success...

Looking at Photographs

  • Gordon Baldwin
  • 28.09.2010

This reference guide contains an informative history of photography, with explanations of the...

Euan Uglow

  • Catherine Lampert
  • 04.03.2011

British artist Euan Uglow (1932–2000) maintained a lower profile than others of his generation, yet...

Yoko Ono, Arias, and Objects

  • Barbara Haskell
  • 06.08.2011

An icon of popular culture, Yoko Ono is also a celebrity within the world of avant-garde art. Long...

Free to a Good Home

  • Catherine Deveny
  • 31.10.2011

Take two reality pills and call me in the morning. Swine Flu. Financial meltdown. It's been a...

America 24/7

  • Rick Smolan
  • 29.11.2015

Created by Rick Smolan and David Elliot Cohen, the innovative team behind the 1986 blockbuster A...

Self-publishing Made Simple

  • Melinda Clayton
  • 05.06.2015

Self-Publishing Made Simple is a plainspoken, nuts and bolts instruction booklet to help...

Heal the Wounded (Wounded, #2)

  • Lynn Dove
  • 26.12.2013

Heal the Wounded by Lynn Dove is the 2011 Readers Favorite WINNER of the Bronze Medal in the Young...

Detention of the Living Dead

  • Rusty Fischer
  • 08.01.2016

Maxine “Max” Compton is in detention when the outbreak starts; so are several other students when...

Madiba A to Z

  • Danny Schechter
  • 10.02.2014

From the makers of the major motion picture Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, a completely...

iCon Steve Jobs

  • Jeffrey S. Young
  • 05.10.2011

Lightning never strikes twice, but Steve Jobs has, transforming modern culture first with the...


  • Daniel Arasse
  • 25.05.2016

Through a historical analysis of Vermeer's method of production and a close reading of his art,...

Andy Warhol Prints

  • Andy Warhol
  • 19.05.2012

Andrew Warhola, better known as Andy Warhol, was an American artist and a central figure in the...

Forever Young

  • Joan Wester Anderson
  • 06.01.2011

I enjoyed learning about Loretta Young's life, but I didn't particularly enjoy this book....

Got Issues Much?

  • Randi Reisfeld
  • 26.05.2011

this book was a blessing to me in my teens! though it had moments of corniness, which is typical of...

Ben Shahn

  • Howard Greenfeld
  • 11.01.2017

Ben Shahn's presence as an artist through several decades of American life was as pervasive as that...

Ensimmäinen Bernadotte

  • Herman Lindqvist
  • 30.05.2012

Jean Bernadotte eteni ranskalaisesta korpraalista Ruotsin kuninkaaksi ja kaappasi siinä...

The Attic of Sand and Secrets

  • Medeia Sharif
  • 16.09.2015

Lily, a learning disabled girl, attempts to unravel the mystery of her abducted mother using...


  • Karin H. Grimme
  • 08.03.2011

On April 15th, 1874, in the Parisian studio of photographer Nadar, was the opening of the first...

Lies (Gone, #3)

  • Michael Grant
  • 25.02.2015

It's been seven months since all the adults disappeared. Gone.It happens in one night. A...

Love and Other Foreign Words

  • Erin McCahan
  • 26.07.2011

Perfect for fans of John Green and Rainbow Rowell, Love and Other Foreign Words is...

Wisdom and Innocence

  • Joseph Pearce
  • 03.05.2017

Described by his critics as 'naive', by his wife as the 'jolly journalist' and by Dorothy L. Sayers...


  • Hermione Lee
  • 07.03.2015

Biography is one of the most popular, best-selling, and widely-read of literary genres. But why do...

Aura Reading for Beginners

  • Richard Webster
  • 08.10.2015

Very well-researched and informative, Aura Reading for Beginners is an excellent primer. It...


  • Adam LeBor
  • 25.06.2011

The 1st authoritative biography of Slobodan Milosevic, the only head of state to be tried for...

Lewis Carroll

  • Donald Thomas
  • 02.08.2014

In this illuminating biography of the Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, who wrote under the...

The Dark Brain of Piranesi

  • Marguerite Yourcenar
  • 23.01.2014

It should be apparent from my assumed name and image on here that I hold Yourcenar's literary work...


  • Lucy Micklethwait
  • 25.05.2016

The second entry in this innovative series introduces children to color in art. Little ones see...


  • Graham Robb
  • 04.02.2011

Most biographies are flawed in the relationship between author and subject. It's a flaw if the...

Silence And Honey Cakes

  • Rowan Williams
  • 18.04.2011

I asked someone who was a fan of Rowan Williams and his works what the most accessible book in his...

Elephant Reflections

  • Dale Peterson
  • 10.09.2012

Elephant Reflections brings award-winning wildlife photographer Karl Ammann's gorgeous...

Spectrum 3

  • Cathy Fenner
  • 12.04.2011

The increasing popularity of fantasy and science fiction themes in art is visualized and celebrated...

Ski Weekend (Fear Street, #10)

  • R.L. Stine
  • 29.03.2015

"Red" Porter was a stranger they'd met on their ski weekend. But Ariel Munroe, Doug Mahr and his...