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Golf My Own Damn Way

  • John Daly
  • 28.09.2010

If you know anything at all about John Daly—and if you don't, what in the hell are you doing with...

George Plimpton on Sports

  • George Plimpton
  • 09.09.2012

A collection of George Plimpton's finest pieces on the contemporary sports scene, selected by...

Beer and Circus

  • Murray A. Sperber
  • 21.02.2016

In this fascinating book, Sperber uses original research culled from students, faculty, and...

Only a Game

  • Bill Littlefield
  • 22.11.2015

It’s only a game, Bill Littlefield’s National Public Radio program tells us, trying to keep sports...

National Pastime

  • Stefan Szymanski
  • 02.01.2015

This is the story of two great sports. One is "America's game," while the other is "the world's...

Unsolved Crimes

  • Laura Foreman
  • 21.12.2015

I am a True Crime junkie at times. I would love to own all of these books. This one was in a nox I...

The All Americans

  • Lars Anderson
  • 21.06.2017

On November 29, 1941, Army played Navy in front of 100,000 fans. Eight days later, the Japanese...

Strong Inside

  • Andrew Maraniss
  • 31.12.2015

This fast-paced, richly detailed biography, based on more than eighty interviews, digs deep beneath...

Dear Dawn

  • Aileen Wuornos
  • 29.07.2015

Between 1989 and 1990, Aileen Wuornos, a hitchhiking prostitute, shot, killed, and robbed seven men...

One knee equals two feet

  • John Madden
  • 13.08.2011

This book by John Madden is really more about the sport of history than about John Madden. He tries...

Boston Red Sox

  • Nick Cafardo
  • 15.06.2012

The greatest Red Sox players, the greatest Red Sox teams, and the greatest Red Sox moments--this...

Pediatric Radiology Casebase

  • Joanna J. Seibert
  • 30.01.2017

This new book - with nearly 200 case studies and 700 radiographs - provides complete information on...

Max and Zoe at Soccer Practice

  • Shelley Swanson Sateren
  • 13.10.2011

Max likes soccer, but he's not very good. He starts to feel jealous of Zoe and her skills and tries...

Classic Baseball

  • Dave Anderson
  • 23.07.2012

Joe Dimaggio, Sandy Koufax, Cal Ripken, Sammy Sosa: more than mere athletes, these men, with their...

I've Got Your Back

  • Brad Gilbert
  • 05.11.2015

One of the first coaching books I read. Gilbert is a master of setting the stage for the players he...

To Die For

  • Gary C. King
  • 21.07.2014

This book follows the FBI's search for and capture of Darren Dee O'Neall, a serial killer whose...

Red Sox Nation

  • Peter Golenbock
  • 26.05.2011

Five-time New York Times best-selling author Peter Golenbock brings forth the definitive...

A Family Business

  • Ken Englade
  • 03.06.2016

Kenneth F. Englade is a New Mexico-based author who has published nine books dealing with high...


  • Scott Bartz
  • 30.09.2016

Seven people died near Chicago after taking cyanide-laced Tylenol capsules on September 29, 1982....

Phil Jackson

  • Peter Richmond
  • 03.02.2017

With eleven championship rings to his name, Phil Jackson is internationally recognized as one of...

So Paddy Got Up

  • Andrew Mangan
  • 22.12.2012

So Paddy Got Up is a unique collection of writing about Arsenal Football Club. Edited by Andrew...

A Passion to Lead

  • Jim Calhoun
  • 24.06.2010

Motivation…Success…Leadership…Passion. Hall of Fame college basketball coach Jim Calhoun...


  • Michael X. Ferraro
  • 13.08.2011

Sports and numbers go hand-in-hand—the Dolphins 17–0 season, Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game, Joe...

Moving Day (Storm, #1.5)

  • Cassandra Carr
  • 16.12.2014

After this bridge story I am so pumped for Rob’s book next! It was nice to read about Sebastian and...

I Am The Secret Footballer

  • The Secret Footballer
  • 12.10.2016

Who is the Secret Footballer? Only a few people know the true identity of the man inside the game....

Through the Window

  • Diane Fanning
  • 23.07.2010

Ten-Year-Old Krystal Surles Watched In Horror As Her Best Friend Was...

Dizionario dei serial killer

  • Mike Newton
  • 05.11.2015

Una panoramica completa sugli omicidi seriali dall'antica Roma ai giorni nostri che fornisce tutti...

Gold Medal Threat

  • Michael Balkind
  • 20.04.2015

I read a copy of this book upon request from the author for an honest review.This is the third...

Throwing Like a Girl

  • Weezie Kerr Mackey
  • 31.05.2017

No one asks Ella how she feels about moving halfway across the country in the middle of her...

Escaping the Arroyo

  • Joyce Nance
  • 17.01.2012

On April 5, 1981, two college coeds were kidnapped from a residential street of Albuquerque, New...

Lost Girls

  • Caitlin Rother
  • 18.11.2013

Chelsea King was a popular high school senior, an outstanding achiever determined to make a...

Hockey Night in Canada

  • Michael McKinley
  • 04.02.2012

 Before Twitter, before 24-hour sports channels, long before fans watched highlight goals...

Got 'Em, Got 'Em, Need 'em

  • Stephen Laroche
  • 07.03.2014

Offers a retrospective of the greatest and rarest sports cards ever produced, covering baseball,...

Reefer Men

  • Tony Thompson
  • 10.04.2013

Bit of a disappointment after reading Thompson's previous book (it may actually be newer, but in my...


  • Paula S. Fass
  • 21.02.2016

Few crimes capture our imagination as completely as child kidnapping. We are both fascinated and...

Bigger Than the Game

  • Michael Weinreb
  • 21.03.2016

A mesmerizing look at the year when American athletics went corporate, villains replaced...

Out of My League

  • George Plimpton
  • 07.09.2011

A classic of sport, and the first of George Plimpton's remarkable forays into "participatory"...

Murder in the Synagogue

  • T.V. LoCicero
  • 12.10.2014

On Lincoln’s birthday, 1966, a young man stood on the bimah of a multi-million dollar synagogue in...

The Game

  • Ken Dryden
  • 19.01.2015

Widely acknowledged as the best hockey book ever written and lauded by "Sports Illustrated" as one...

Hot Toddy

  • Andy Edmonds
  • 26.01.2014

Organized Crime, goes Hollywood in this captivating mystery of the unsolved murder (or was it...

The Last Hero

  • Howard Bryant
  • 14.03.2015

In the thirty-four years since his retirement, Henry Aaron’s reputation has only grown in...

Shooting from the Lip

  • Chris McDonell
  • 11.07.2015

""We only speak two languages here, English and profanity."" - Pittsburgh Penguins coach on the...

When Nurses Hurt Nurses

  • Cheryl Dellasega
  • 14.09.2011

When Nurses Hurt Nurses: Recognizing and Overcoming the Cycle of Nurse Bullying confronts this...