Top Ganre eBooks

The Civil War State By State

  • Paul Brewer
  • 12.01.2013

Civil War literature abounds, matched always by the continuing hunger for new material on the...

Naked Against the Rain

  • Rick Rubin
  • 24.09.2010

This is a wonderfully enlightening, fascinating and ultimately tragic anthropoligical book that...

Phenomenology of Perception

  • Maurice Merleau-Ponty
  • 21.01.2013

First published in 1945, Maurice Merleau-Ponty s monumental Phenomenologie de la perception...

Spirituality Old & New

  • Donald G. Bloesch
  • 30.03.2011

Donald Bloesch surveys this history of Christian thinking on the nature of the spiritual life. In...

Physical Geodesy

  • Bernhard Hofmann-Wellenhof
  • 01.11.2012

"Physical Geodesy," published in 1967, has for many years been considered as the standard...

Quantum Mechanics

  • Walter Greiner
  • 08.04.2016

Supplementing "Quantum Mechanics. An Introduction" and "Quantum Mechanics. Symmetries," this book...

Continuity and Discontinuity

  • John S. Feinberg
  • 07.02.2017

Evangelicals agree that the Bible is God's inerrant word. But we sometimes differ on how to relate...

Children in Colonial America

  • James Marten
  • 08.07.2010

The Pilgrims and Puritans did not arrive on the shores of New England alone. Nor did African men...


  • Thomas F. Torrance
  • 01.06.2012

This companion volume to T. F. Torrance's Incarnation: The Person and Life of Christ presents the...


  • FM-2030
  • 18.03.2014

A lost, shining example of 70's socio-futurist wondering, Upwingers is a stirring...

The Medieval Spains

  • Bernard F. Reilly
  • 29.02.2016

This book traces the political evolution of the lberian peninsula from a collection of late Roman...


  • Mary Ling
  • 08.09.2015

My older boys (8-yrs-old) enjoyed the pictures. The text was very, very simple and not overly...

The Lost Fleet

  • Barry Clifford
  • 28.02.2011

On January 2, 1678, a fleet of French ships sank off the Venezuelan coast. This proved disastrous...

A Book of Hindu Scriptures

  • William Quan Judge
  • 18.01.2017

The Bagavad Gita is a conversation between Lord Krishna and the Pandava prince Arjuna taking place...

Mosaics as History

  • G.W. Bowersock
  • 30.11.2016

Over the past century, exploration and serendipity have uncovered mosaic after mosaic in the Near...

Swing Shift

  • Sherrie Tucker
  • 24.06.2013

The forgotten history of the “all-girl” big bands of the World War II era takes center stage in...

A Dynasty of Western Outlaws

  • Paul I. Wellman
  • 14.12.2015

The organized gangs of robbers and killers who roamed the Midwest and Southwest from the 1860s to...

Liberalism and Democracy

  • Norberto Bobbio
  • 13.05.2011

"It all comes down to the individual," as my dad would say. I wanted to gain some clarity...

Illustrated History of Vietnam

  • Chris McNab
  • 15.03.2014

Though three decades old, the legacy of the 10,000-day war between Vietnam and the United States...

The Speech

  • Gary Younge
  • 14.02.2011

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DELIVERED his powerful "I Have a Dream" speech on August 28, 1963. Fifty...

The Rig Veda

  • Wendy Doniger
  • 01.11.2011

The earliest of the four Hindu religious scriptures known as the Vedas, and the first extensive...

Analyzing the Analyzers

  • Harlan Harris
  • 14.02.2012

Despite the excitement around "data science," "big data," and "analytics," the ambiguity of these...

Sable Island

  • Marq de Villiers
  • 01.05.2012

The story of a small but deadly sand dune in the middle of the North AtlanticSable...

The New Apocrypha

  • John Sladek
  • 22.09.2014

John Sladek, an SF satirist writing in the early 70s, presents a smörgåsbord of the weird...

The Lord's Supper

  • Robert Letham
  • 08.05.2014

Letham, Robert: The Lord’s Supper: Eternal Word in Broken BreadThis is an excellent little...

The Cult of the Virgin

  • Marie-France Boyer
  • 23.12.2015

In this unique book of the Virgin Mary, Boyer has gathered images, attributes, and adornments of...

The Wedding in Auschwitz

  • Erich Hackl
  • 03.08.2011

“An exceptional book.”—The Times Literary Supplement “Gracefully measured,...

The Fall of Rome

  • R.A. Lafferty
  • 12.05.2012

The fall of the Roman Empire was the denouement of a long and dramatic confrontation between...

Seeing Things Their Way

  • Alister Chapman
  • 08.12.2010

 While religious history and intellectual history are both active, dynamic fields...

Geek Logik

  • Garth Sundem
  • 27.05.2012

Here for the geek in all of us are fifty foolproof equations that take the guesswork out of...