ePub Fernes Licht ePub

by Wolfgang Jeschke

Contains following works:

Nelson Bond - Socrates of the South Forty
Ray Bradbury - February 1999: Ylla
Donald A. Wollheim - The Rag Thing
Philip Jose Farmer - Sail on! Sail on!
Alfred Bester - Fondly Fahrenheit
Arthur C. Clarke - The Next Tenants
Poul Anderson - Call Me Joe
J.G. Ballard - The 1000 Dreams of Stellavista
Gordon R. Dickson - Computers Don´t Argue
Stephen Goldin - Sweet Dreams, Melissa
Larry Niven - Inconstant Moon
Piers Anthony - In The Barn
Ursula K. Le Guin - Nine Lives
James Tiptree Jr. - The Psychologist Who Wouldn´t Do Awful Things to Rats
Francois Camoin - Some Of My Friends Are Americans
William Gibson - The Gernsback Continuum
Bruce Sterling - Spider Rose
Kim Stanley Robinson - The Lucky Strike
John Varley - Press Enter
Michael F. Flynn - Eifelheim
Connie Willis - Schwarzschild Radius
Pat Murphy - Rachel in Love
Marc Laidlaw - Bruno´s Shadow
Robert Silverberg - Enter A Soldier. Later:Enter Another
David Brin - Dr. Pak´s Preschool
Judith Moffet - Tiny Tango
Greg Egan - The Caress
Joe Haldeman - Passages
Ian McDonald - Toward Kilimanjaro
Maureen McHugh - Protection

All in German translation.

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