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by C. Alexander Simpkins

Drawing from over 30 years of teaching, researching, and practicing hypnosis, the authors share systematic
instructions, techniques, and exercises for finding your way into a hypnotic trance—or deepen your trance if you’ve
already found it. With exercises specifically tailored to address a wide range of concerns, including stress, depression,
substance abuse, anxiety, weight management, fears, and sports performance, this book is a comprehensive
guide for anyone interested in hypnosis. The authors synthesize and integrate the major theories of hypnosis and
provide an overview of the fundamental tools used in self-hypnosis, especially attention, unconscious processing,
and suggestion.

For clinicians, they provide evidence and practical considerations that therapists need to incorporate
hypnosis into their practice. All readers will benefit from the tips, techniques, and exercises throughout which
demonstrate how hypnotic interventions can be tailored to each person. Readers will be inspired to practice at
home using hypnotic suggestions that target their specific concerns. Deftly balancing theory and practice, Neuro-Hypnosis provides the tools you need to open yourself to self-hypnosis, experience the vast potential of your mind,
and activate your brain for growth, development, and lasting change.

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