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by Brad Wheeler

Mankind has colonized the Solar System. Industry has moved to space. In this new frontier, one corporation has ascended to new heights of influence: Belt Group, Limited. The mining ship "Atlas" is the grandest statement of their power. It's the largest spaceship ever built, capable of operating alone for years, stripping a wealth of rare ores from the asteroid belt. With the "Atlas," Belt Group's continued dominance of the Solar System's economy is all but guaranteed.

Until it disappears.

The last people to see it: a group of innocent miners whose livelihood it threatens. Tasked with tracking them down: a monomaniacal corporate troubleshooter. Her boss: a ruthless climber of the corporate ladder.

Caught up in the chaos: a corrupt bureaucrat with his own agenda, the smuggler king of the inner system, and an anti-government demagogue inciting rebellion.

They all must struggle to survive political and economic turmoil in a Solar System on the verge of revolution.

"Fugitives from Earth" is a hard science space opera filled with action, intrigue, and human drama.

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