ePub Into The Darkness (The Dark Series Book 2) ePub

by L.A. Miller

Riley McCarthy witnessed her mother’s murder at the hands of her father when she was only five but as a child the images were too horrific and she blocked them out. Having a solid alibi her father assumed custody of his young daughter after his marriage to a wealthy socialite. But her father had deep fantasies that included Riley and for a short period her aunt was able to hide her from him. With her aunt in jail and her father’s desire growing Riley ran away at the age of 13 and lived on the streets till she was once again returned to him at 15. On her 16th birthday when he came to her room she fought back and this time when she ran away she never looked back. She worked her way through college and started her own business which through her hard work and dedication was now a huge success. Riley never allowed herself time for relationships, shying away from any contact with any man with the exception of one man, Christian Chase.
Christian Chase, self- made billionaire had anything a man could want and money could buy. Yet one woman has haunted his dreams for ten years. When he first met Riley she was 15 and he was visiting a friend on spring break from college. He would see her again five years later and share one night of passion before she disappeared again. When he ran into her again five years later at his brothers engagement party he had no intention of letting her go till he solved her hold on him.
While Riley and Christian try to understand the strong attraction that pulls them together her father returns and Riley’s past threatens to pull them apart. However with his death and Riley’s understanding of what really happened the night her mother was killed came the freedom of a new life together. Engaged to be married and expecting a child the two should be looking forward to the future yet Riley’s nightmares continue to plague her and only seem to be getting worse. To add to the strain photographs of Riley and another man are not only sent to Christian but sent to the tabloids and soon it becomes a media frenzy.
Aiden St Claire is the grandson of an elderly couple Riley had befriended. From the moment they meet there is an electric current between the two that is undeniable. Though the photos of them are innocent; to the unknowing eye they are very incriminating. While Christian trusts Riley he also sees the attraction between the two and is forced to make a difficult decision. In order to flush out the person responsible for the photos Riley and Aiden must pretend the relationship is real and Christian must trust the love he and Riley share is stronger than the chemistry she now has with Aiden. In the end will Riley chose the only man who has been able to break through the protective walls she put around her heart or will she now another whose pull on her is just as strong?

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