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My rating reflects only the notes and the dates, and not the Biblical text itself (which I did not read). I got this book mainly to check out how closely the incredible Scofield and his book followed Bishop Ussher's chronology, which I am currently studying. Answer: very closely, even when they are problematic. The only dates that I "caught" Scofield changing were the dates of Artaxerxes' rule. I am certain that this was done because of Scofield's premillennialism, and his great concern for the date of "the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem" (Daniel 9), widely believed among premillennialists to have been issued in Artaxerxes' 20th year (Nehemiah 1) but since I had the book in hand, I didn't see any reason why I shouldn't go ahead and read the notes. It is easy to see why they are legendary. I couldn't help but notice that my Study Bible: NIV follows almost the exact format as the Scofield Bible, with a narrow center column for cross-references, and notes at the bottom. My main criticisms of the notes are that they set the tone down to the present day of fundamentalist arrogance and caustic dismissal of opposing views, and that they are heavy on the theological and eschatological and light on the historical and cultural.

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