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by Michael Hirsh

"So That Others May Live"In December 1994, two gargantuan rogue waves struck the "Salvador Allende," knocking down the 450-foot cargo ship in the mid-Atlantic. In the darkness and howling winds, in the midst of a horrific, impenetrable storm, the terrified survivors clung to their lives by the thinnest of threads-out of contact and out of the reach of any ship afloat.

A thousand miles away, one of the world's most elite rescue teams scrambled into action...

This is the gripping and unforgettable true adventure of an astonishing rescue at sea — a tale of the unparalleled courage and skill of men who endured a record-breaking fifteen-hour, non-stop helicopter ride through bone-jarring turbulence to carry out a mission on the ragged edge of impossibility. It is the story of a unit of the New York Air National Guard, the 106th Rescue Wing, which includes the famed PJs, the Pararescuemen, whose training is so rigorous and standards so high that only a dedicated handful qualify to join; heroes without peer who were willing to brave a maelstrom of forty-foot waves and schools of killer sharks, to risk their own lives "so that others may live."

Includes 16 pages of authentic photographs.

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