ePub The TAR Squad--The PREVIEW Edition ePub

by Shaun W. Patterson

This product is a PREVIEW of the coming revolutionary Sci-Fi thriller "Terminal Dawn."

The following is the product description for the complete book to be released on Amazon 2014

Product description:

A spellbinding vision of Earth’s future unfolds in this 550+ pages volume #1 of Terminal Dawn. The future and the past…never the two shall meet...and when they do—the result is downright frightening.

Under a one world government, man has accomplished much, including an apparent ban on lethal weaponry. Everything appears prosperous. Technological advances lead to the invention of time travel. At first the changes are imperceptible. But then they become increasingly more devastating as the effects threaten to bring the Earth to its very knees. This leads to a movement to outlaw time travel. However there are powerful forces who have marshaled their objection to this budding movement, including the very influential Baldacci Space Corporation.

After an intensive political battle, the Global Union Senate is on the verge of voting on legislation that is destined to forever change the course of human history. On the eve of this legislative vote, Global Union Senators have mysteriously vanished. It is not the first time.

The planet moves towards the precipice of implosion from within its very foundations as weather systems as well as other systematic technological failures become exponentially devastating. But that is just the teaser. Perched on the edge of the Sun’s solar system is an awaiting apocalypse—and it may just be one of man’s own doing. The family of man find themselves with no good options. Perish by the planet’s implosion or face the onslaught of that which sits, panting, knocking at the door of deep space.

There is but one hope…the last hope…they are The TAR Squad.

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