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by Charlotte Armstrong

This book isn't a mystery per se, it is really more of a farce.I don't mean that in a negative way, I mean it more like the classic French farce with people going in and out of doors unbeknownst to the others, a 'quick, hide in the closet' type of farce.This farce has nothing to do with sex as the French farce usually does. This farce concerns a young man who is thought to be a "madman", has already been accused of beating his ex-wife and spent time in a mental institution being analyzed to the nth degree, as a result of the accusations of his ex-wife and her family.After being released from the hospital, he shows up at his ex-wife's family home, having walked 75 miles to get there, and is lucky enough to encounter a poor cousin of the family who is a social worker and is familiar with his ex-wife.She believes the young man innocent and hides him in her turret bedroom.Let the farce begin! I thought it was amusing, well-written and had a much happier ending than if this happened in real life.I can indulge in happy endings.

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ePub The Turret Room
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