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by Dave Robinson


Starts well, with descriptions of the city-states of Athens and Sparta, continues with brief but concise descriptions of different philosophies/philosophers. Then we get to Marx, and LOOKOUT!

Once collectivist (socialist/communist) ideology enters the picture, the author clearly takes a side. This quote is not preceded by "Marx believed". These are the author's words:

"Capitalism was profoundly unjust because the means of production was owned by a wealthy few. A large proportion of the population was now factory workers, treated like machines..."

Boo hoo. The fact that, in industrialized society, these "machines" enjoy a standard of living only dreamed of by 90% of the world apparently isn't worth mentioning.

This book went from pretty good to trash bin in a span of about 10 pages. Here is the passage that did me in, regarding classical liberalism:

"Classical liberalism happily accepts that society is a marketplace. The economist Adam Smith (1723-90) was the first to recognize what this means - a collection of private individuals motivated by self-interest make, buy and sell goods, which, miraculously, then has the net effect of making society as a whole more prosperous.

It is therefore unwise for the State to interfere with this magical process, and pointless, or even counterproductive, to try to make individuals more philanthropic or co-operative."

Happily. Miraculously. Magical.

Fuck you.

And by the way, exactly how shall the state MAKE individuals more philanthropic?

Fuck this author.

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