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by Patrick Diamond

This book had an instant attraction. It is supposed to provide a schematic of the direction of change a dyeing administration should take to stay in power or once in opposition to become electable once again. Instead we are treated to an analysis of the current situation in different fields such as the economy, social policy and crime with a small paragraph at the end of each section explaining how a future social democratic government might tackle the problems. To make matters worse this explanation is not a solution but a restatement of the current problem with a commitment to deal with it.

Beyond New Labour was not written by the party, but by academic supporters. The fact that they were unable to come up with any sense of which way the party should swing adds weight to the argument that the Labour party simply has neither ideas nor a sense of direction and so time in opposition is needed to allow them to gather their thoughts. Perhaps we will see a repeat of the Conservative party fiasco after 1997; I hope that the party is able to re-find its purpose.

I would recommend this book to those who wish to learn about the current state of Brittan. With the exception of a few contributors using this space to reel off a list of labour achievements, this substantial section isn’t too bad. It’s a shame that the book failed in its main aim.

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