ePub Princess From Another Planet ePub

by Mindy Schanback

Gabriella Castellon Period#3 247 pages
This book is about a teenage girl named Gracie that is very annoyed at her mother because her mother believes that she is the queen of a planet called Pannadeau. Now she believes that 4 aliens from Pannadeau called Maluxziads are coming to capture her and her family to take them to Pannadeau and publicly murder them. Gracie ignores her mom and lies about playing softball when she is actually switching places with her cousin Wren and going to a horseback riding academy. As Gracie is at camp she meets complete strangers that happen to know alot about her family. Then Gracie finds out that her mother wasn't lying about the Maluxziads and discovers that two campers at her camp are actually Maluxziads.With her mother's tips she was able to destroy the Maluxziads and she is now living a regular life.

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