ePub Renunciates of Darkover ePub

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

From Guild House to lord's court, the Free Amazons ply their trade, serving as mercenaries wherever there is need, banding together in comradeship, setting themselves apart from the everyday rules of Darkovan society, earning their freedom with blade and deed, and freely giving shelter and assistance to any woman in search of a safe haven.

From a fledgling matrix circle formed by Renunciates to a Free Amazon hired to protect Comyn Lord Varzil from an assassin's deadly threat to Marion's own recounting of a seemingly insurmountable conflict between Camilla and Rafaella—well-remembered characters from her magnificent novel, The Shattered Chain—here are twenty-two brand new tales about those dauntless Darkovan heroines beloved by the countless readers who are always eager to return for new adventures on the world of the Bloody Sun.

Introduction (Renunciates of Darkover) • essay by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Strife • short story by Chel Avery
Amazon Fragment (Excerpt) • short fiction by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Broken Vows • short story by Annette Rodriguez
If Only Banshees Could See • novelette by Janet R. Rhodes
A Midsummer Night's Gift • short story by Deborah J. Ross [as by Deborah Wheeler ]
The Honor of the Guild • short story by Joan Marie Verba
A Butterfly Season • short story by Diana L. Paxson
Misjudged Situations • short story by Kelly B. Jaggers
Awakening • novelette by Mary Fenoglio
Carlina's Calling • short story by Patricia Duffy Novak
A Beginning • short fiction by Judith Kobylecky
Set a Thief • short story by Mercedes Lackey
Shut-in • short story by Jean Lamb
Danila's Song • short story by Vera Nazarian
A Proper Escort • short story by Elisabeth Waters
The Lesson in the Foothills • short story by Lynne Armstrong-Jones
Summer Fair • short story by Emily Alward
Varzil's Avengers • short story by Diann S. Partridge
To Touch a Comyn • novelette by Andrew Rey
About Time • short story by Patricia B. Cirone
Family Visit • short story by Margaret L. Carter
Dalereuth Guild House • short story by Priscilla W. Armstrong

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ePub Renunciates of Darkover
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