ePub Silver Quest (Glimmer Quest, #1) ePub

by Katherine Kingston

Book 1 of the Glimmer Quest series The king of Serendonia falls victim to an accidental wound that refuses to heal, and his lands and people suffer its effects as well. In searching for a cure, the king discovers that a set of magical objects might have the power to heal himself and his kingdom, if they can be retrieved. Stories tell that the journeys to retrieve the items are difficult and dangerous, testing the questers in many ways. The king's oldest daughter, Princess Riva, undertakes the first journey, to retrieve the silver platter. Her magical powers are slight, but she has a fierce will and some competence with a sword. She finds her way to the island where the platter is kept, but then the real testing begins. To help her in the journey to the castle that is home to the object, she's also granted a pair of guides. Daniel is a handsome, if somewhat cool and aloof man. Leinad is part-beast and part-man, furry and clawed, but gifted also with a warm, caring heart. Together the two help her make the journey and survive the tests. Along the way, they teach her sensual delights beyond even those she's imagined and dreamt of, and a level of discipline she isn't sure she can tolerate. Their love and discipline will help her grow to be the person worthy of the power the platter holds. Choosing her lifemate may be the most agonizing and challenging test of all.

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ePub Silver Quest (Glimmer Quest, #1)
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