ePub The Hermit of Humbug Mountain ePub

by Mike Nettleton

When sixteen-year-old Noah Keene runs away from his home on the Oregon coast, his quest for a sense of belonging becomes a headlong race to save his younger sister—and the world—from monsters he thought existed only in nightmares. Separated from Abby, and lost in endlessly twisting caverns inside Humbug Mountain, Noah encounters a hermit he had believed was only legend and is given a mission he cannot refuse. Aided by a sonic-sword-wielding warrior girl from the Mushroom Forest, Noah must battle a mold monster, cross a raging river of fire and seize a magic stone from the bloodthirsty gargoyles that guard it. Abby, meanwhile, has been captured by grungoids and taken before an armless drummer, who assigns her the tasks of learning to communicate with the Darksuckers and tapping the power that comes from trusting in more than herself.

Only if Noah and Abby are reunited will they be able to thwart the plans of Spid, the megalomaniacal underworld troll, and seal a portal in the earth before his rampaging army of ogres, gammits, gronnks and skrees can pass through to terrorize and conquer the world above.

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ePub The Hermit of Humbug Mountain
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