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by Kelly Milner Halls

"Dino-Trekking is the best guide to finding dinosaurs—and appreciating them once you've found them—to come along since dinosaurs were trekking themselves. It's lively and thorough." — Don Lessem Founder, The Dinosaur Society and author of Dinosaurs Rediscovered"Indispensable for the family interested in smart fun . . . perfect for dinosaur enthusiasts, budding paleontologists, and families interested in the history of life." — Louie Psihoyos Author of Hunting Dinosaurs

"I love it. I took it home and read it cover to cover." — Ray Ann Havasy Executive Director The Dinosaur Society

Looking for the best dinosaur museums? The oldest fossil exhibit? The widest selection of dinosaur memorabilia and souvenirs? This fun-filled, informative guide has the answers for die-hard dino-fans of all ages. You'll find: Listings of over 300 dinosaur sites across the United States and Canada—museums, nature preserves, even amusement parks Details on admission prices, refreshments, and travelers' conveniences A Dino-Shopping Guide with details on dozens of mail-order sources for games, toys, clothing, software, and more An illustrated "Who's Who" Dino-Identifier with fascinating profiles of seventy prehistoric creatures Interviews with top curators from each region

A unique rating system helps you decide which places are best for your particular interests: No regular paleo exhibit—traveling exhibits booked from time to time. Strictly for fossil fanatics—not much on display, but if you're nearby with time to spare, consider the stop. Worth the detour if you're a real fossil fan—good paleo material, plus Fossil fans shouldn't miss it Premium paleo goods you won't soon forget

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