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by Keith Code

This is such a weird book, and I kind of love it. It's written for an audience with a skill set that's opposite of mine: that is, for people who don't understand what most words mean, but who are knowledgable about racing motorcycles. Throughout this book, many words are starred with definitions given at the end of each chapter. There's no obvious logic to which words Keith Code choses to define, and often the definition seems more complicated than the word itself. Some examples, chosen at random, are "range" (definition: "the scope of the operation of something"), "stunned" ("stupefied, astonished; astounded; amazed"), "anchor" ("to secure firmly as if by an anchor"), "essentially" ("basically"), "impression" ("a strong effect produced on the intellect, feelings, etc."), and "push" ("when the front end slides"). I would love to know the process behind how the words were selected for these asterisk definitions, because I really can't guess!

Anyway, a motorcycle friend of mine lent this to me because I recently bought a bike and am trying to learn how to ride it. The book's focused on racing, which isn't something I have any interest in, and I didn't understand a lot of what it said even though I knew all the words. Still, I enjoyed A Twist of the Wrist II — loved the illustrations, love that the author has the coolest name in the world — and I think a few pieces here and there might've sunk in a bit. The book helped me think more about the physics of riding a bike and I liked what he said about pivot points. I might reread this later on, when I know more about motorcycles. I'm curious about A Twist of the Wrist I.

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