ePub The Iron Fey Series 5 Books Collection Set ePub

by Julie Kagawa

I enjoyed reading this series a lot. The main plus points are:
1) the detailed, well made fantasy world
2) lot of action
Really, these books are anything but boring. Of course, there are some typical faults as in many similar books:
ancient beings speaking (contemporaly!) English, heroes surviving dozens of clearly deadly situations despite the odds, teenagers saving the world while the adults are totally innept, etc.
But that's nothing to hold against.
What I had a problem with was the main character, Meghan Chase. I had problems in getting to like her. At the beginning, she's your typical teenager (means "a whinning brat"), I really wanted to smack her a few times. Poor mother. Especially as the girl leaves home for long time periods and never calls or sends a "I'm alive and O.K." message when she has the opportunity.
But since these books are probably intended for teenage readers, they can probably well identify with the character.
What was worse, the girl was often dumb as a brick. Sometimes it took her so long to get the idea, I got that "like to smack" feeling again :-)
For example: Robbie being in love with her (obvious since beginning), why was her boyfriend giving her a cold shoulder in Iron Daughter, using gremlins, and finding out the identity of the false Iron king. All she had to do was to ask, there were several hints later. But no :-(. This was obviously illogical and made her look stupid.

What really get to me was the sheet music scene in Iron Daughter. Anything is possible in a fantasy book, but a 16-years-old girl that has never seen a sheet music in her life? Come on, the education at public schools in the USA cannot be THAT bad. I hope.

So that's about it. Despite some reproofs, I really like and recommend this series. At least up to Book No. 4.

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