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by Charles Godfrey Leland

CONTENTS. THE RISE AND FALL OF GLORYVILLE . . I IN THE WRONG BOX . . . . PAGE . 14 ZION JERSEY BOGGS ..... 2O THE BALLAD OF THE GREEN OLD MAN . 29 CARRYING COALS 37 CAREY, OF CARSON ..... 39 JOSEPHI IN BENICIA 44 THE STORY OF A LIE 48 THE LEGEND OF SAINT ANTHONY . . 51 A RUSSIAN LYRIC 56 MELODRAMNATION ..... 59 A TALE OF IDAHO . . 63 A CALIFORNIAN ROMANCE .... 67 THE STORY OF MR. SCROPEK, ARCHITECT . 71 THAT INTERESTIN BOY . . . . 75 937 CONTENTS. MISS MILES, THE TELEGRAPH GIRL . . 76 AN AMERICAN COCK-TALE . . . . 82 JUDGE WYMAN ...... 89 IN NEVADA 94 THE PHILANTHROPIC CLUB . . . . IOI THE COLOURED FORTUNE HUNTER . . 105 PENN IO6 PAGE BALLAD OF THE FOXES . . . .109 EST MODUS IN REBUS . . . . .112 THE MASHER Il6 ARIZONA JOHN . . . . . .122 THE BALLAD OF CHARITY . . . .125 MULTUM IN PARVO 130 BREITMANN IN TURKEY . . . J 33 COBUS HAGELSTEIN 141 FRITZERL SCHNALL 145 THE RISE AND FALL OF GLORYVILLE. WHERE the rockiest Rocky Mountains interview the scornful skies, And the sager kinds of sage-bush in the middle distance rise, There the cultured eye descending from the dream like azure hill, Lights in an aesthetic foreground Gloryville. on the town of It was in the Middle Ages bout the end of Sixty- eight, So I found the hoary legend written on an ancient slate That one Ezry Jenks prospecting, when he reached this blooming spot, Thus uplifted to his pardner us squat Thus rebounded Moses Adams foremost word Glory Moses, let Glory was the Which in the untrammelled silence of this wilderness was heard, And I arnswer, dimly feelin like a prophet, grand and slow, Glory kinder sounds like Money up to glory let her go And this casual conversation in the year of Sixty- eight, As if by an inspiration herecorded on a slate, Which t was said in later ages six weeks after used to hang As a curiositary in the principal shebang. On the spot that very evening they perceived a beauteous gleam From a grain of shining metal in a wild auriferous stream As their eyes remarked the symptom thus their tongues responsive spoke In this undiscovered section there is pay-dirt, sure as smoke Little boots or little shoes it to inform you how like crows To a carcase, folks came flying, and the town of Glory rose As in country schools the urchins cast each one a spittle-ball, Till at last a monstrous paper fungus gathers on the wall...

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