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by Alice Nuttall

The question, did I enjoy the book?
Short answer.Yes.Yes I did, as evidenced by the five star review.
Long answer, yes, though between the British style English and the teenage girl protagonist I will be honest and say that I was often at a loss as to how to identify with the main character.
The world is well thought out, interesting, with compelling characters.
There are things in it that I didn't agree with, but that is not to say that they were wrong.It goes hand in hand with my not being a good fit to put myself in the shoes of the main character.There were a number of times in the story that if I was there I would have broken my hands on peoples faces, and oddly the teenage girl had much more restraint than I might have had at that age and under those circumstances.Crazy, yes?

Also of note is that this is the first book in a series.A lot of it, probably close to two thirds at least, is setup for the rest of the series.It is good.It is interesting.It is well written.It is however sometimes a lot to take in and I did once or twice find myself skimming for the next conflict portion of the story. Not fighting necessarily, but character conflict of one sort or another.

Terribly clever people here on Goodreads might make the connection between the art on the cover of her book being done by the same illustrator that I use.Let me assure you two things before you make any assumptions.
First, I am far and away to ornery a bastard to bother to shine anybody on.If I say I like something, I do.If I say it is crap, I think it is crap.This isn't crap.
Second, if you find yourself confused about my motivations please vigorously apply a claw hammer to your skull for at least three minutes and then refer back to number one.Repeat as often as needed for best results.

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