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by Andrew Parkin

"Now you got beard and you got some scars on your chest, I find you wife ... Tomorrow you go meet your mother-in-law."

This, Bradek tells us with typical directness, is how he heard about his forthcoming marriage. Who is to be his wife, and how will the intended husband react? The surprise answer will delight you; the turmoil and trials that ensue will keep you engrossed to the end.

The storyteller is a native of Australia, born before the white man came to his region. His vocabulary is but a few hundred words of English, yet he can paint a picture as good as a poet's. He will draw you into a society whose way of life goes back many thousands of years. You might think it is Bradek, or his people, that are 'a thing apart', but that is not so: their joys and their fears transcend time, place and culture.

Reader's comments

".. a powerful piece, writtne with passion and compassion. The reader can only be deeply touched ... by the story, by the images it evokes, and by the impact they have on his/her perceptions of aboriginal people and their lives ... great writing. It is hard to imagine a fictional work which better imparts an understanding of the implications of wiping out a race. A Thing Apart is indeed a thing apart."

"I was captivated by it. A wonderfully imaginative book."

"A great book. I couldn't put it down. I stayed up half the night reading it."

"I loved it!. It grabbed you and held you. Great storytelling."

"This book is the only one I have read that explains clearly ...what the Aboriginal people went through and their beliefs... and there is a touching love story. It really is poignant at times and rather disturbing too...A beautiful read!"

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