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by Holly Hook

I received this book to review and was really excited. From reading the plot, this book was right up my alley. I love authors like Jayne Castle, Kim Harrison, and Ilona Andrews and TV shows like Fringe, so Thin Hope sounded great.
I can read most books in 1-2 days. I have been reading Thin Hope for more than a week and haven't gotten past chapter 7 and have read 28% of the book. The plot is a little confusing, the writing is choppy, and the world building is a complete failure to me. World building problems for me: Where are we? When are we? What are we? The book has kings,emperors,and kingdoms. The places do not exist in the modern world (Delainia and Lateine). There are humans and not humans (aliens? mutants? I don't know). I thought perhaps we were in the future. But the world also had the internet and what appears to be your average gasoline loving sedans. Why hasn't technology adavanced? But there appears to be magic of some sort.
Darren Storm (the bad guy- and oh what a name!), the ruler of another kingdom starts a war. Then all of a sudden 5 chapters into the book we find out that there's another kingdom on the other side of them run by an emperor, who is also a bad guy. Where did he come from? The good guys are a princess, her fiancee, and her parents-the king and queen. Darren Storm, however, doesn't seem to be a king or emperor, just a guy who controls another contry or something. I am SO confused here.
What finally killed the book for me ('cuz I'll let you string me along with a crazy plot for a long time with the assumption that you'll explain it to me eventually) was the writing style itself. Here's a quote: "The doctors wanted to discharge her today. Her blood count was looking much better. Her husband had told her an hour ago." The books is filled with choppy sentences and bad dialogue. Some of that can be excused as often ebooks have typos that hard copies don't have, but this happend too often to blame it on ebook conversion.
Give me lots more details about the people (in general. Like where did these emoshies come from??) and places to improve world building,and give me better dialogue and I'll try the book again. I really wanted to like this book, but I couldn't. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, and honestly, don't plan to finish it.

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