ePub A Series of Unfortunate Events Set books #1-9 ePub

by Lemony Snicket

I learned in this book and many other series of unfortunate event books that in life nothing is fair! To me this was a pretty good book I enjoyed it very much and if you havn't read any of these books you are surely missing out, so read one. (: First off, thank goodness for Lemony Snicket without him I would definitely not appreciate the things I own and have in life. This book is about three Baudelaire children, their parents are dead and they are in the middle of no where, being accused of murder. Oh and did I mention while they are being chased around for murder that a evil man named Count Olaf is searching for them, trying to steal their fortune that the three childrens' parents have left behind for them for when Violet comes of age. Okay, so now I would like to tell you about the three Buadelaires. Violet is 14 years old, she loves to invent, and can invent almost anything out of whatever, she is super talented. Claus is 13 years old, he has read thousands of books and surprisingly he can remember about every detail in those books he has read. Sunny is the youngest Baudelaire, she is 4 years old, she doesn't have much of a vocabulary, and she has four teeth that are as about as sharp as any lions teeth, therefore, she enjoys biting on things. These three children are just trying to escape and survive as well as they can until they come up with a plan to do something that will benefit their lives. There you have it that is basically what The Hostile Hospital by Lemony Snicket is all about.

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ePub A Series of Unfortunate Events Set books #1-9
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