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by Bruce Dickson

The Three Selves is the simplest model of the whole person yet proposed.

It seems poised to become the "big tent" for progressive and holistic counseling and psychology because its simpler yet more comprehensive modeling of the human psyche, in the Earth experience, is unequalled anywhere else yet.

The 3S explicitly incorporates the natural spiritual capacities of human beings:within the station of the High Self are all capaciites for how individuals do—or do not—connect with their own aspirations and Divinity.

The two volumes of the 3S show the strong natural connections between the 3S and:
- Emotional IQ,
- Compassionate (nonviolent) Communication,
- psychotherapy and body-based psychotherapies,
- talk therapy of all kinds,
- Transactional Analysis,
- NLP and Brief Therapy.

The inner child, the "lowest" of the three selves, is already the world's most widely used model of the subconscious, used by teachers, coaches, counselors and holistic practitioners of all kinds.

The "Three Selves" is the modern, completely Western version of Hawaiian shamanism, Huna, Kahuna and Ho'oponopono.This is the first comprehensive textbook so far attempted.Written in an interactive, fun style by a Waldorf-trained school teacher and Health Intuitive.

In brief the model proposes:

1) A low self, a lower frequency "helper being," known by many names:inner child, immune system, etheric body, habit body, etc.

2) A "middle self," the familiar rational mind, either thinking-dominant or feeling dominant; and

3) A high self, a higher frequency "helper being" often called the Guardian Angel, who provides access to the spiritual potentials of the human experience on an as-needed basis.

Strengths of the model

The Three Selves model is comprehensive in its embrace of all things human, top to bottom, modeling both “wings to fly,” in ecumenical spiritual terms; and, "roots in the Earth,” our most earthbound and material aspects.

The model scales down easily to versions possible to share with five year olds.It can be grasped in its entirety by college sophomoresThanks to its Hawaiian roots, both prohibitively esoteric and overly-intellectual-abstractions are scrupulously avoided.The Three Selves is bout becoming more "real" in every sense, becoming more fully human.

The model actively encourages loving your self first and service to others second.It is compatible with with Compassionate (nonviolent) Communication and Blueprint of WE.

The 3S is the psychology of how we can heal ourselves; and, the human condition because the inner child is functionally equal to our immune system.

The 3S model articulates with the entire range of 20th century humanistic talk-therapy practices; including, coaching, Transactional Analysis, NLP and Brief Therapy.

The 3S is a candidate for the "big tent" in psychology, under which all other models of the psyche can be understood and have their unique contributions clarified and integrated.For example, the Three Selves bridges into and clarifies many “quantum science” ideas; for instance, the 3S exist as overlapping fields of intelligence, which quantum science is still looking for.

The Three Selves and its better known fragment, the inner child, remains the fastest growing and most widely used holistic model of the human being at this time because of its versatility for counselors, healers, and therapists.The three selves model is the whole; the inner child is one part.

Unlike other wordy New Age philosophies and psychology, the 3S has usually clear and direct visual models of what it means to connect with both Spirit and with Ground.The 3S explicitly incorporates all spiritual capacities of the human being.The High Self stands for how each individual does—or does not—connect with their own Divinity.

Each of the Three Selves is accessible thru kinesiology testing and self-muscle-testing of all kinds.

The Three Selves is FUN!Pop cultural reflections are all around us and are taken up in Vol. 2.

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