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by Penn Jillette

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I really wanted to review this to point out one morbidly amusing thing about this book: wow, Penn and Teller really didn't see 9/11 coming. I mean, no one did, buuut the last chapter in this book is about a prank to play in an airport (which they don't recommend you do and they admit they haven't done it either), involving having your laptop say it is going to detonate a bomb. The ironic part (keep in mind this book was published in 1997) is where they are like (and this is an exact quote):

"The United States of America does not have a problem with terrorism...we don't have a problem because, even with all those stupid checks, we still have a way lot of freedom. More than anyplace else. When you're in a country were you can say and do most anything you want, it's hard for a nut to rally other nuts to evil nuttiness...Add up all the terrorism that we've had in the United States over the past ten years. More people have been killed by family dogs...But in this country, we can stop terrorism with freedom. If you have enough freedom, you have very little terrorism..."

Um, nope. Sorry, Penn/Teller. You didn't call it. And, sorry to poop all over the lightheartedness of this book with talk of 9/11, I just thought it was interesting. And telling about how times have changed since 9/11. Do you think anyone (even Penn/Teller, in a comedic kinda book) would even tongue-in-cheek-ly suggest that laptop bomb prank? They admitted it was a great way to get yourself arrested, but I think these days they'd probably just take you out back and shoot you.

Anyway, regarding the entire rest of the book: I admit I skimmed parts of this rather than reading it word for word. That's only because the parts I did read were so irritatingly written, I couldn't stand it. I am a fan of Penn/Teller team, and I could tell this was old, based on the cover, so I was expecting some cheesyness. But damn. The writing is baaad. Like rambly, trying-too-hard-to-be-funny-and-therefore-failing-bad. I am a rambler, but this puts me to shame. This book is like a giant lead-in to a punchline that never happens. They disclaimer/ramble about everything, but at least they seem to kind of know it. Ie: (this isn't an exact quote, I can't find it) and one point they said something like "you can skip the bad writing and just read the confusing directions", in regards to an introduction in which they explained how to do a trick. That's the cool thing about this book, they explain a few tricks. They explain them in a very confusing manner, but it's learn-able. They are still tricks that are WAY too in depth for me to even want to contemplate doing, they require preparation which I am unwilling to do. But I am a girl and not a nerd, so I'm not exactly the stereotypical magician type.

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