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by Bella Kate

The under eighteen nights were the worst in Clayton Rashard's opinion. First, it meant he had to check IDs at the bar rather than just trusting that the bouncers had done their jobs. Genesis usually had to spring for extra help on those weekends but tonight, Sandra had called off with the flu, leaving twenty-two year-old Clayton on his own.
“Clayton,” a familiar voice called over the music.
And cue reason number two why Clayton hated underage patrons. The flirty, barely legal girls who thought if they flashed enough tits or ass he'd either give them a drink or fuck them. He didn't intend to do either.
“Told you before, Stacy, I'm not serving you,” Clayton didn't even glance her way. The last time he'd made the mistake of looking at her when she talked to him, she'd flashed him. Granted, she had a nice set of pert breasts, but she wasn't really his type, aside from the fact that she was still in high school.

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