ePub Angelic Upstart (The Alex Trueman Chronicles Book 3) ePub

by Martin Dukes

Alex Trueman’s adventures in the time-frozen world of Intersticia and the angelic realm of Elysium were recounted in the first two books in this trilogy, ‘Caught in a Moment’ and ‘Worm Winds of Zanzibar’. In the latter volume Alex and his friends were forced to navigate the complexities of life in a world that resembled nineteenth century East Africa, escaping from the vengeance of a crazed despot whilst a strange natural cataclysm gathered around them. At the same time Alex was obliged to evade the clutches of malevolent angels who had recognised a strange latent power in him with the potential to affect the fate of the universe.
In ‘Angelic Upstart’ Alex begins to explore the parameters of this evolving power. Forbidden by archangels to use his powers on Earth, Alex is nevertheless faced with the severest of temptations. New encounters and new friendships disclose to him the pleasures of angelic existence and the almost unimaginable potential of angelic power. Alex takes his first faltering steps into a new world and a new phase of his existence but in so doing places his own world under a threat that threatens its very survival.

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ePub Angelic Upstart (The Alex Trueman Chronicles Book 3)
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