ePub Body Snatchers, Stiffs and Other Ghoulish Delights ePub

by Frederick Drimmer

In general, this book is what it appears to be, a highly exploitive array of stories about dead bodies and freaks (the dead bodies of freaks), written to titillate a semi-literate audience who today would probably get their jollies on the so-called “History” channel. Yet, the author, Frederick Drimmer, just seems to be a bit ahead of them at every step, and actually seems to want to infuse his work with a little bit more class. Of course, freak shows have claimed for generations to be “educational as well as entertaining,” but Mr. Drimmer appears to be a tad more erudite than the average carnival barker. In a lot of ways, reading this reminds me of the old “Murder Can Be Fun” fanzine, which always seemed just a bit smarter than its subject matter as well. Drimmer is no scholarly historian; he’s not interested in questions of contingency, agency, and discourse, but he’s pretty careful about his facts and more than a little sympathetic with the subalterns in his narratives.

But, what will you get if you pay your quarter to enter the chamber of horrors? Well, he we have the famous “Hottentot Venus,” who was pored over by theorists of Eugenics to prove the relative evolutionary value of the races. And over in this corner, you will find resurrectionists like Burke and Hare, who went from simple body snatching to murder in order to provide medical men with corpses to dissect and learn anatomy. If that’s not to your taste, we have a variety of bodies which have been displayed for public amusement, including the “Irish Giant,” the “Sicilian Fairy,” the “Ugliest Woman in the World” and even the gunfighter Elmer J. McCurdy. Drimmer’s erudition even extends to giving some of his chapters Lovecraft-influenced titles (“The Thing in the Fun House,” “The Ipswich Horror”). If this is your cup of tea, it’s competently done and worth a few chuckles.

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