ePub The Dead Letter (Diagnosis Murder, #6) ePub

by Lee Goldberg

A review from my blog, written and published May 6, 2006.

It begins with a murder, but one that Dr. Mark Sloan won't be investigating.He is too busy trying to save the life of the victim, a man whose affair with his own stepdaughter had been revealed to his wife that very morning.What intrigues Dr. Sloan most about the tragic event is that the affair had ended the year before.Why reveal it to the wife now?

The reason for that delayed revelation sits inside a box that the good doctor receives in that day's mail.Private Investigator Nick Stryker, a disreputable sleazeball that, through circumstance, had aided Sloan in capturing a killer, has gone missing.Since Stryker had been supplementing his income by blackmailing those he had been hired to investigate, he had left instructions that any and all material regarding those that would most want him dead for doing so be given to Mark Sloan.As the fallout of Stryker's payback revelations spread through Los Angeles, Dr. Sloan follows the detective's last visible trail.But what exactly is Sloan searching for?A missing person, or a murder victim?

The Dead Letter is another winning entry in Lee Goldberg's entertaining line of Diagnosis Murder spin-off novels.In The Past Tense, the mystery that preceded this one, Goldberg put poor Dr. Sloan through the emotional wringer.So it is no surprise that The Dead Letter avoids the personal trauma and, instead, places its emphasis on Sloan obsessively sifting through all the red herrings of Stryker's many blackmail schemes, retracing the detective's final investigation, and then trying to...

But why should I spoil the book for you?The fun of any mystery novel (or romance, or adventure, or suspense for that matter) is in its journey, not its destination.

The Dead Letter makes every effort to make the journey one that is both fun and comfortable.Goldberg tosses in numerous personal and pop culture in-jokes and/or homages.He also brings back several key characters from The Shooting Script and The Death Merchant.While reading those two books isn't essential to enjoying The Dead Letter on its own, it does help create a more textured literary world for Sloan to inhabit.One that I hope to revisit again and again.

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