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by Dennis Griffin

I'll split this review in half — one part about the substance of the book, and the other part about the how the book works as a book.

The substance, the material being written about, is pretty damn gripping stuff. This formerly-known-as-Andrew guy led a life of conniving brutality and has had plenty of time to think about it. What's striking is the fact that he seems like a fairly normal person even as he's explaining the details of how he was thinking about killing this guy and how he was orchestrating bank robberies and so forth. As a character study, it's quite an interesting read to get his take on what he did, why and (basically) how. I found particularly interesting his view of the mafia bosses — basically, the more he saw them for what they really were, the more he came to hate them, and this led to his turning by the Feds. Seeing how he came to these conclusions — mostly in his words — is invaluable.

The book itself is a mixed blessing. The structure is pretty much year-by-year in Andrew's life, which is sensible enough. Stylistically, the books is at its best when it's like an oral history — with Andrew in effect dictating to the author. Andrew's own words are utterly compelling. But the actual prose from the author himself is purely mediocre and forgettable. Fortunately there isn't that much of it.

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