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by Paul Harrington


Join Captain Alexander Visbert and the crew of the UFSS HARRINGTON as they take us to all four corners of our galaxy in this remarkable and unique adventure!

After 50 years of war, the 25th Century galaxy is left scarred for many centuries to come and the two opponents finally decided to come together to sign a peace treaty. As Captain Visbert and his crew commence their maiden voyage into the stars, they are given their first assignment:

"To escort the ambassador of Earth to the peace signing in a hostile sector of the galaxy, the Warlord Empire."

While en route to the peace signing, trouble erupts on board the ship between the crew! With imminent threats behind every asteroid, planet and moon; as well as the crew on edge as tension builds between the senior staff and even the Captain himself doubting his own command abilities; one must think:

How will the Starship: Harrington survive its first mission and stop war from breaking out in the Milky Way galaxy once again?

The Adventure has only just begun...

FORTI DIFFICILE NIHIL (For The Brave, Nothing Is Difficult)
-Robert Clack School


My name is Paul Terence Harrington, and this is my first official book called "The Harrington Legacy". This book represents my passion for the world of science fiction and love for the world of the future. The starship is named Harrington; it is named after my own family because they are my strength and inspiration, making me determined to achieve higher goals than I was supposedly able to in my life.

I have autism and Asperger's Syndrome, meaning I am obsessed with space and astronomy, also known as being single minded. People see my autism as a disadvantage because of my single mindedness and obsession surrounding the world of science fiction; but I see it as my greatest strength, as I can see the world differently to others, I can create and destroy an infinite number of worlds in my imagination.

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