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2013. Women rule Earth. How does it happen? What is the role of the new underclass: men? The Goddess Code: Book I Resurrection, surfaces in Israel and travels into our near future as male dominated institutions rush to cover-up the discovery of humankind's true nature. Major Iana Hourani and her team meet at an archaeological site where a member is infected by an ancient virus and soon gains the ability to access human consciousness in its original and most powerful state. Revealing the true history of Earth is not the only revelation. The virus is highly contagious. Only women are infected and develop but one symptom: the refusal to return to the chains of male domination. Fleeing across the Holy Land the team fights for survival, gathers female converts from every culture and struggles with personal transformation. The plague threatens to spread worldwide, changing individuals, communities and then nations. Women seek to unite in common cause, plan to gain control of Earth and race to save Her people from the conspiracy of global conglomerates, repressive religion and continued exploitation of the planet.

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