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by Elaine Storkey

This was some of the best $5.60 I've ever spent on a book.

Dr. Elaine Storkey examines the gender debate, tracing its lines of thinking and argumentation in brief, from the "essentialists" (both secular and religious) who believe that masculinity and femininity are part of our very nature to the post-Christian feminists who have reduced the God of the Bible to a non-person, non-entity in their search for feminist spirituality. Even if you've never before studied feminist theory, this book will be a good read. It's clear, it's succinct, it's well thought-through. And the last chapter (Post-Postmodern Postscript) made me want to underline every sentence as she considered the issue from a biblical standpoint.

And at 134 pages, it will take hardly any time to have your thinking stimulated on this ever-timely subject. Buy it. Read it. Thank me later.

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