ePub The Club No One Wanted To Join-Madoff Victims In Their Own Words ePub

by Erin Arvedlund

Let me begin by saying I have always enjoyed "oral history" and I accepted quite a bit about this being a self-published endeavor before beginning to read this in one afternoon.

I have read a few books about Madoff and the author of Wizard of Lies recommended this as a first-person narrative written by those touched by this terribly tragedy. Whereas most of us assumed his victim were all people who could have afforded to lose what they'd invested this book illustrates in his victims own words the sacrifices many made throughout their working lives to save and many lost it all. Families often pooled money to be able to invest with this golden boy of Wall Street so entire family's savings were wiped out in addition to college funds grandparents had set up and charitable trusts.

The viewpoint of the many failures of the government was interesting but as interesting to me was the fact that everyone seemed to count the amount they lost not as what they invested but the fiction dished out by this swindler. It was all a lie the earnings, the totals, the amounts they paid state and Federal taxes on all these years. Many did due diligence and investigated this fellow as best they could, they had leads to him from trusted friends and family members. Many were in Florida and were living lives they'd dreamed of all their working lives and had to sell everything and try to rebuild by living with relatives in cooler climes and making major lifestyle adjustments. Many were retired and had to try to rebuild their resumes to get jobs way under their skill sets just to put food on the table. Many more are living on social security alone, no small feat for anyone.

The message as loud and clear, diversify, don't put all your eggs in one basket, lawyers get paid no matter what, and you never know until it happens what changes await your life once you have gone from a comfortable life with ample savings to losing everything.

I forgave alot of editing errors and typos to hear in their own words what they hoped to tell others. A great companion book to other books on Madoff. Not a one-off read however. You'd have to be fairly interested in the topic to pick this up to supplement your reading on the subject but it is like little else I have read and certainly proves how on-line communities in the face of tragedies such as these can be quite healing.

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ePub The Club No One Wanted To Join-Madoff Victims In Their Own Words
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