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by Kathleen Hayes

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Light Perpetual Shines
is a short story written by author Kathleen Hayes and is about two people who meet for the first time after a horrific event and create such an impression on one another but go their separate ways. When they meet again six months later, it is immediately after yet another traumatic episode. With all the pain and darkness that surround them, will they be able to find the light that illuminates the path to what may very well be their own happily ever after?

Samuel "Sam" Murray is an Episcopalian chaplain who works with both the police and fire departments of the City of Rockwell. He's often called in to cases that require a priest to provide guidance and support for the victim or victims involved. He's requested to a home where a man has been killed and the person who did the killing, Sandra, is ridiculed by one of the detectives due to her being a transgender. Sam proceeds to treat her with care and respect, something immediately noticed by Frank McKesson, Sandra's friend.

Sam's presence is praised by the people there and Frank makes sure to let him know how important it was because it definitely helped Sandra. When Sam asks Frank if he's okay, Frank is taken aback by this man's concern and comes close to breaking down. Sam gives Frank support, knowing how difficult it must be for him to witness what a close friend has had to endure and that it got to the point where someone's death came about. Sam offers Frank his card and tells him to call if he or Sandra ever need his help.

But six months pass before they meet again, this time outside a hospital where Frank is quite emotional over the death of a teenage patient that was accidentally shot. This time around, Frank provides Sam the comfort he needs. Soon enough, both men establish that they're mutually attracted to one another and spend more time together, getting to know each other. Can Sam and Frank really establish a relationship that was borne out of two traumatizing events or are they already doomed to fail?

This was a quick but well-written read. The story was unique and it was, thankfully, not cluttered with characters galore, allowing readers to focus on Sam and Frank. With a short story like this one, I don't want to feel as if I missed out on anything or that it's lacking. It was good and enjoyable and gets you thinking. Do I wish it was longer? No, because everything I needed to know was there. For those wanting an M/M story that's concise but deserving of your time, check out Light Perpetual Shines. Four stars! ♥

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