ePub The Man Without a Planet ePub

by Lester del Rey

Plot: Fred Hunter built the space station that keeps the peace between the US and the Eurasian Combine, but he never thought he'd live there.A construction accident made it so the medics didn't think he could survive on Earth. During a shift change at the station (everyone else only stays for a few months to make sure they don't go crazy) bad guys spouting old movie quotes and using ancient space suits attack the station, and the incoming commander fails to stop them, only Fred, a gung ho soldier named Callaghan, and Fred's favorite scientist lady friend Sandy are free.Can they figure out who the invaders are, and stop armegeddon?

Analysis:Not bad... full of tropes (to the extent that I think Del Rey was making fun of them, though I can't be sure at this early-ish date), but a page turned that made me LOL a couple times. It reminded me quite a bit of David Weber style wise.. makes me wonder if he's ever sited Del Rey as an influence.Probably not good enough to search out, but a good read if you come across it.

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ePub The Man Without a Planet
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