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by Sage Burnett

One Satuday morning, while walking her dog in the woods, near where she lives, Emma Dawson is attacked and tackled to the ground by a stranger. While the stranger struggles with her, Emma manages to pull her handgun from its holster and shoves it in his face. The big, bedraggled looking guy immediately backs off. Josh Stone, a freelance photographer, explains to her that he was kidnaped by two men the day before because he witnessed them dumping a body into the river, which he was able to capture on film. Josh executed a daring escape and had to spend the night in the woods. Emma isn't sure she believes his cock-eyed story, but she can see he's in a world of hurt, so she agrees to help him. After she takes him to her home for food and rest, her initial attraction for him skyrockets. But can she trust him? Josh is just as attracted to Emma, but he doesn't know if can trust her either. Turns out she knows the two men who kidnaped him, and one of them is a local cop.

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