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by Erwin Panofsky

Just in case you are looking for a book that puts to rest, once and for all, the debate over whether there was one "Renaissance" or multiple renascences in western art, Prof. Panofsky is here.

Though written in the 50's, this book retains its relevance. After all, he's covering a period of time from the 10th to the 15th century. His basic answer is that there were "reanscences" prior to the Renaissance, but that the Renaissance was unique in that it was akin to a cultural "mutation" whereas the earlier renascences were more like revivals.

Panofsky is not afraid to quote latin without translation, nor is he afraid to put greek in the text without providing the alphabetical version of the word or words. Also, he quotes books from at least four different languages in his subtitles.

I understand that one does not read Panofsky for his easy accesibility, one reads him for his mastery. None the less, the "readability" issues in this book prevent me from giving the full five stars;; just as his obvious mastery of the subject prevent me from giving it three stars. Truly, it was the longest 200 page book I ever read, and I doubt I shall dabble further in the Renaissance (or renascences), but at least now I have a firm idea of the parameters surrounding the long running debate.

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