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by Alastair Smith

This was a good book on the topic, but I prefer the first one we read (What Happens to Your Hamburger).I was a little bugged that it didn't use the correct terms for things (like esophagus - it just kept saying "food tube") and left out whole parts of the digestive system (like the liver).Even my 5-yr-old was able to understand the body parts involved and describe what happens when you eat.I felt this book sort of dumbed it down.

My kids did enjoy the flaps.They've looked through it many times.

If I had my choice I'd use the other book, but if your library only had this then use it, it'll work just fine.

We're almost done with the digestive system - hallelujah!They've been so fascinated with it that our dinner topics have been a little on the gross side ("I just felt my food slide into my small intestine.").And all the bathroom talk is getting old - what boy doesn't enjoy talking about how poop is formed?

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ePub What Happens To Your Food?
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