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by Kathryn Jackson

This is one of those books that was read to me as a child and for one reason or another it just stuck. 32 years later (my dad read me the 1982 version as a kid) I can still recite the whole book. It is also one of the very first books I remember my father reading to me, which my sister and I made him read over, and over, and over again. I not only have the 1982 version but I went and found a copy of the original 1949 printing (and yes, the story is slightly different).

I think another reviewer (John Gough) said it best with "Books like this are that middle-step between the first point-and-talk pictures books, the second sung-and-chanted nursery rhymes, and afterwards actual prose tales.
The pattern of rhymed verse adds that extra small motivation for a young child, cozily sitting in an adult lap, to listen, and watch, as an adult reads, and points. And there IS a story, exactly what an infant would resonate with — the story of an infant who happens to be a kitten."

This book, no matter how simplistic, will always be one of my favorites and a small treasure on my bookshelf.

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