ePub Damned Lies of the Dead 3D (Damned Lies 3) ePub

by Dennis Liggio

The Damned Lies Series
Damned Lies are absurd tales told by a snarky narrator that doesn't believe truth should get in the way of a good story. Damned Lies are the wild recollections of his exciting and entirely unlikely life. Within the pages of this series you'll find mad science, ghosts, zombies, giant robots, cursed swords, clones, epic confrontations, clumsy violence, cultists, unanswered questions, bemused footnotes, good friends, sworn enemies, hidden references, the secret of the universe, and at least one very pissed off Lovecraftian god. If you're the right kind of strange individual, this is exactly the series you've been waiting for!
Damned Lies
The book that started it all!

Damned Lies is the true story of things that never happened. It is a fictional memoir of fantastic events. It is a chronicle of self-cloning, of adventure, of magic, of bare-fisted hobo boxing tournaments, of zombies, and more. It's the autobiography of a wild summer adventure out beyond the fields we know. It's the secret of what's hidden in a government bunker, it's the story of helping a nun with a crossbow hunt a vampire, it's the explanation of why you can't have that death ray you really wanted. It's a cautionary tale of just why cloning yourself is a really terrible idea.

Damned Lies is a big fish story for those who don't fish. It's a shaggy dog story for cat lovers. It's the scifi fantasy humor memoir we'll all wish we dictated on our deathbed. It's why we can't have nice things.

Damned Lies Strike Back
Damned Lies Strike Back follows in the great tradition of sequels in that it is bigger, bolder, and dripping with franchise potential. Like a good sequel, it answers all the unanswered questions of the original (except for the ones it doesn't). It is exactly the sequel this world needs.

This time around, our intrepid hero and friends battle the evil apocalyptic plans of his homicidal clone and a dangerous cult. At the same time he is facing his clone in the present day, he recounts the story of his first year in college where he formed a mystery gang to stop the nefarious plot of evil college professors. It all leads to a climactic sword fight and then a desperate epic battle against a true evil that we all know well...

Damned Lies of the Dead 3D
Damned Lies of the Dead 3D is not the zombie novel we need, but it's the zombie novel we deserve. In 1995, Austin, Texas was nearly wiped out by a zombie outbreak. This fact has been long suppressed, but the truth cannot be silenced. Now there is a firsthand account from our intrepid hero of just what happened... and how he survived. Only the dead know the truth...

It's grindhouse, it's horror, it's how humor novel characters deal with death in the inevitable third book in the series. And it has zombies. Everyone loves zombies, right?

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