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by Constance Savery

This book touched my heart. Firstly, the chemistry and unconditional brotherly love portrayed between Dym and Tony is one of the best things I've read about in fiction. I love stories about family. Family love. Daughters and fathers, sons and mothers, brothers and sisters. We need more stories about those kinds of love - more stories like this one.

Interesting that although the story is told from Tony's perspective, his observations of Dym, and situations they'd find themselves in, revealed a lot about Dym's deeply passionate and protective nature and his private emotions toward finally finding his lost little brother. Ok, let's stop right here and make it known how much I adore Dym. Everything about him. Everything. I appreciated the fact that he's a war hero yet isn't afraid to romp with his family or help in the garden. I appreciated his great loyalty, nobility, wisdom and humility. He's manly and brave yet sweet and caring; young, good natured and boyish yet mature, resolute and unflinching. He's steady, never gets angry but never backs down. Oh, and we can't forget his musical abilities, a huge bonus in my opinion. There's not a doubt in my mind he'd not hesitate to lay his life down for something or someone he loved if need be. Honestly, there should be more "Dym's" in this world.

It was interesting reading about Tony being thrust from the lifestyle and nationality he grew up in and into his English family and his birth country of England. The Ingleford's, by the way, proved wonderfully that the English are not stiff, unfeeling and arrogant. Each place, emotion and character is real and raw. The mentioning here of there of fairies, flowers, poetry and tea added charm and English culture to the everyday lives and interests of the family, especially as they struggled to make ends meet in the midst of apathy and war.

Tony's fierce childlike adoration for his big brother was precious. I got choked up in the part when Tony slept with Dym's flying cross. You ached and fought and lost your nine lives with him, and in the end, you'd also go "over the edge of the world" with the beloved Dym.

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