ePub Back on the Road to Serfdom ePub

by Thomas E. Woods Jr.

A book of essays chronicaling the emergence of a the Western World's on-ramp merge back on to the Road to Serfdom.... back on the road to a resurgent state and statism.These authors are the true heirs to Fredrick Hayek, being schooled in the Austrian school. Compare that to the Book, the New Road to Serfdom by Daniel Hannan, which was good but not exactly on the same topic as Hayek.This is a nice little read that you will enjoy, though it will serve as warning concerning the ascendency of soon-to-fail Utopianism, or as Sowell would put it, "unconstrained visions".This book fits in nicely with Sowell's "Conflict of Visions", and Mark Levin's "Ameritopia".

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ePub Back on the Road to Serfdom
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