ePub Desire and Surrender (Batistas #1) ePub

by Katherine Sutcliffe

I have liked the four Sutcliffe novels I have read in the past for the most part. This book has been sitting on my TBR for yrs just because KS wrote it but I wish I had done my research more and realized that this was Sutcliffe's first novel.

It reads like a first novel with weird jumps in the storytelling and the action and there were a few sentences that just didn't make sense.

It also had a LOT of the aspects of the old skool hystericals i dont miss:

We have the beautiful innocent 18 year old (fourteen years younger than the hero).
We have a revolutionary war in the background.
We have Purple Prose.
We have random acts of violence (Commanche raid & capture, the Alamo).
We have heaving bosoms, oh excuse me, I meant "heaving decolletage" (page 85).
We have Bodice-Ripping (well technically, shirt ripping and dress slicing).
We have Forced Sex.
We have sex early on in the story.
We have Big Secret and Big Misunderstanding.

This was published in 1986 through the Avon "Ribbons" line, recognizable through the "ribbons" in the left upper corner of the cover. By 1986, historical romances were moving away from these bodice-rippers. Laura Kinsale made her debut in 1986 through this same Avon "Ribbons" line with her HIDDEN HEART which was NOT a bodice-ripper. By 1986, Catherine Coulter was already writing her comedic historicals which has less violence and epic scope.

Putting aside how "dated" this book might have been even back then, it was just not a good book. Weird jumps in the telling of the action: the heroine is standing there one moment, the next she has bashed the hero repeatedly with a poker in her hand. Huh? The balance between the romance and the history (the Alamo) gave me whiplash with its starts and stops. Also, the book went into Bat Sh!t Crazy territory when the grandfather of the hero shot the hero in both of his legs in cold blood just because of his politics and there was little punishment for his actions. WTF? The hero actually says later on that he will try to forgive him.

Every once in a while, especially toward the end, I did come across the wonderful emotional story-telling that I remember KS doing so well. It elevated the book from being the 1 or 2-Star read it was through most of this novel to 3-Stars but just barely.

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