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by Christoph Von Der Malsburg

A fundamental shift is occurring in neuroscience and related disciplines.In the past, researchers focused on functional specialization of the brain, discovering complex processing strategies based on convergence and divergence inslowly adapting anatomical architectures. Yet for the brain to cope withever-changing and unpredictable circumstances, it needs strategies with richerinteractive short-term dynamics. Recent research has revealed ways in which thebrain effectively coordinates widely distributed and specialized activities to meetthe needs of the moment. This book explores these findings, examining the functions, mechanisms, and manifestations of distributed dynamical coordination in the brainand mind across different species and levels of organization. The book identifiesthree basic functions of dynamic coordination: contextual disambiguation, dynamicgrouping, and dynamic routing. It considers the role of dynamic coordination intemporally structured activity and explores these issues at different levels, fromsynaptic and local circuit mechanisms to macroscopic system dynamics, emphasizingtheir importance for cognition, behavior, and psychopathology.ContributorsEvanBalaban, Gy?rgy Buzs?ki, Nicola S. Clayton, Maurizio Corbetta, Robert Desimone, Kamran Diba, Shimon Edelman, Andreas K. Engel, Yves Fregnac, Pascal Fries, KarlFriston, Ann Graybiel, Sten Grillner, Uri Grodzinski, John-Dylan Haynes, LaurentItti, Erich D. Jarvis, Jon H. Kaas, J. A. Scott Kelso, Peter K?nig, Nancy J. Kopell, Ilona Kov?cs, Andreas Kreiter, Anders Lansner, Gilles Laurent, J?rg L?cke, MikaelLundqvist, Angus MacDonald, Kevan Martin, Mayank Mehta, Lucia Melloni, Earl K.Miller, Bita Moghaddam, Hannah Monyer, Edvard I. Moser, May-Britt Moser, DankoNikolic, William A. Phillips, Gordon Pipa, Constantin Rothkopf, Terrence J.Sejnowski, Steven M. Silverstein, Wolf Singer, Catherine Tallon-Baudry, Roger D.Traub, Jochen Triesch, Peter Uhlhaas, Christoph von der Malsburg, Thomas Weisswange, Miles Whittington, Matthew Wilson

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