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by Aaron Frale

Cowboys and Drones is a collection of short stories including:

The Entire Sperm Donor for a Cosmic Paradox Series:

Jed finds out some disturbing news after a DNA test. He is his own great great grandfather. However, Jed’s daily struggles involve video games and crippling self doubt. He’s not the time traveling pioneer type. He may as well try to get to the bottom of the mystery. It’s at least a reason to get off his couch.

Anna is the time traveling type and Jed’s ex-girlfriend. She finds herself in the Old West in a town terrorized by a man called the Gold Piece Bandit. Jed better get off his butt and help her. Although Anna has never been the type to let the men do all the shooting.

Our Final Days on Bellicus Prime:

142 is a researcher from an advanced civilization that watches other pre-faster-than-light civilizations to see if they are fit to join the intergalactic community. Do the citizens of Bellicus value war over art and science? Is it right to kill a warlike species before they start the war? 142 must answer some difficult questions before he risks his career on the dominate species of Bellicus Prime.

The stories in his collection:

Sperm Donor for a Cosmic Paradox
Customer Service Scientist
Rest Area of the Future
Time Travel Girl and the Paradox Kid
Living Material Inside – Open Immediately
The Government Shutdown
Boxed Furniture and Other Dangerous Endeavors
Our Final Days on Bellicus Prime
Time Beast
One Way Trip to Solasoma
Kal’s Fall

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